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Clary Sage Candle Benefits

Over time, various herbs have proven effective in addressing most of the complications humans continue to face daily. Clary sage is a relevant example of these herbs. Its flowers, oils, and leaves can help to develop various medicines. Read on to learn more about the clary sage scented candle benefits and the reasons why one should consider incorporating this treatment into your therapy.

What is Clary Sage Essential Oil?

Clary sage essential oil is used in the making of these scented candles and may be mixed with a carrier oil before being combined into the wax.

Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) is a flowering herb commonly found in the Mediterranean Basin. Its essential oils have a clean, soothing scent. You may use it as a skin balm or inhale it as part of your aromatherapy treatment. Clary sage usually thrives in high-temperature areas and is particularly famous because of its traditional use to remedy eye complications.

Benefits of Clary Sage

There are numerous benefits individuals can enjoy from burning clary sage candle, including:

Antidepressant Properties

Clary sage scent has proven a perfect emotional companion by easing depression, relieving stress, and calming the nervous system. Additionally, it can increase self-confidence and mental strength, which act as the root causes behind emotional discomforts.

Anti-Inflammatory Qualities

Research reveals that clary sage has numerous anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it can help reduce various inflammatory health conditions such as periodontitis and other inflammations.

Blood-Pressure Reduction and Anti-Anxiety Properties

A recent study shows that inhaling clary sage oil decreases blood pressure and soothes the breathing of women suffering from urinary incontinence. This study further suggests that inhaling clary sage oil can be ideal in promoting relaxation.

Promotes Creativity and Intuition

Since it enhances self-esteem, clary sage candle fragrance can help unleash your innermost ideas. By expanding boundaries, individuals will express and trust their inner thoughts, thus revealing their innate creativity.

Increased Libido

Depression and low self-esteem are among the common causes of erectile dysfunction and other libido issues. Fortunately, thanks to its aphrodisiac properties, burning clary sage candle can be effective in boosting your libido and sex life.

Anti-Bacterial Properties

Clary sage oil in its diluted form contains a positive impact on some bacteria strains. Consequently, researchers believe that it can be an effective treatment alone or in conjunction with other traditional therapies for wound care.


Burning clary sage creates a beautiful aroma in your room. Thus, clary sage can be effective in concealing foul odors that might make your visitors uncomfortable. While it melts, clary sage creates numerous health benefits within your surroundings.

Clary sage Candle Uses and Effectiveness

Although without adequate evidence to support it, the clary sage candle continues to be applicable in other health treatments such as:

Other Ways Of Using Clary Sage

Applying Clary Sage Essential Oils To Your Body

You are best not to place clary sage oil directly into your nostrils, mouth, or eyes without the doctor’s instructions.

Below are some ways You can try clary sage oil for yourself:

You can breathe the scent deeply to encourage tranquility. Small bottles are available online or at local health stores.

For skin purposes, conduct a patch test to identify whether You are sensitive to this oil.

You may shake the clary sage in water and use it as a room perfume. Also, spray this mixture on your beddings or couch cushions for high-end fragrance.

Do not apply essential oils to your skin directly. Instead, add up to five drops in an ounce of carrier oil for massage.

Side Effects of Clary Sage

If taken orally, clary sage is entirely safe when used in amounts found in foods. There lacks sufficient evidence to support whether clary sage is safe when used in medicinal quantities. If inhaled (as aromatherapy), there is no evidence to show that clary sage has potential side effects.

There is no conclusive evidence to show the effect of clary sage on the baby or mother for pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, to be on the safe side, You should use these oils moderately or stick to food amounts to avoid complications.

Clary Sage Dosing

The right dose of clary sage to be used in treatment depends on multiple factors, including health status, age, and other reasons. At the moment, there is no adequate scientific information to identify the appropriate range of doses for clary sage. Since natural products are not necessarily safe, the dosage can be essential. Follow relevant directions on labels and consult with your pharmacist or physician.

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Bottom Line

Research suggests that clary sage has numerous potential health benefits. Its anti-depressant and anti-stress properties make it an effective natural solution for low moods. Try clary sage candle today to enjoy the multiple benefits of this herb’s crucial oils.