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Copal Incense Benefits, Uses & Meaning

Updated: December 31, 2022

Origin of Copal Incense

Copal has been used in Mexico and Central America for centuries in their various sacred ceremonies, offering and rituals.

Copal Incense Meaning

Copal comes from the world “copalli” which means “incense” in the Nahuati language.

Spiritual Benefits and Uses of Copal Incense

Copal incense has many spiritual benefits and has been primarily used for this in previous history. Copal is a great incense for cleansing sacred spaces and temples or as an offering to the gods during religious ceremonies it is definitely an incense that you should try.

Here are some of the main benefits of using copal incense for the spirit.

  • Cleansing and purging spaces of negative energies
  • Improves harmony and positive energy of sacred spaces
  • Worship and offer in religious ceremonies and rituals
  • Believed to channel powerful energies between the divine and earthly
  • Used in places of worship such as temples for cleansing
  • Copal incense has been used in funerals for protection for the deceased
  • Offering to the sun

Mental Benefits of Copal Incense

If you need to quickly increase focus with something natural then burning copal incense is a good choice. I recommend giving this incense a try along with something like lavender or sage as they all have powerful mental benefits.

  • Enhance state of mind and well being
  • Increase in focus and concentration
  • Powerful relaxation properties that work great with meditation

Healing Properties of Copal Incense

In ancient times and with some indigenous populations copal incense is used for its amazing healing properties by native healers.

  • Helps fight restlessness and insomnia in some people
  • Reduce stress and anxiety with it’s calming fragrance
  • Some people find it helps provide immune system support