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Dragon Blood Incense Benefits

Are you among the individuals misled into thinking dragon’s blood is related to dragons? You could not be more wrong. Do you ever desire to relax and unwind in a cool and tranquil atmosphere? If so, dragon’s blood incense is all you need to take your meditation or relaxation to a whole new level. This article shines a light on dragon blood incense benefits and reasons why you should probably give it a try in your life.

What is Dragon’s Blood?

Dragon’s blood is a dark red plant resin extracted from numerous tropical tree species known as dragon trees. For thousands of years, dragon’s blood has been used for multiple benefits. Records reveal its application in areas such as China, Rome, Greece, and the Middle East. Besides health reasons, it can also be used as paint, dye, incense, and spiritual matters. It derives its name from its original harvesting mode, which included drilling holes into trees and collecting its red sap.

What is Dragon’s Blood Incense?

Dragon’s blood incense is a unique type of incense that has been helping individuals for thousands of years. It is extracted from the resin of Dracaena- An Asian palm tree, originally from India, Thailand, Myanmar, and Bangladesh.

While Hindu priests regard it as an offering to the gods, native Americans continue to consider incense smoke as a medium of summoning the spirits of their ancestors. Alongside its health benefits, the incense also is handy during ceremonies and rituals. It also acts as a perfume ingredient and has wound healing properties.

Benefits of Dragon’s Blood Incense

Here are some of the considerations why you should consider incorporating dragon’s blood incense into your daily routine:

Meditation and Relaxation

There is nothing as fulfilling as the calmness within. Thanks to its sweet and spicy scent, dragon’s blood incense can be an irreplaceable companion to sit with during your yoga sessions. They come in different forms, including cones, sticks, and resin. If you desire some peace and solitude with dragon’s blood, you are in a perfect environment.

Beauty and Cosmetics

Throughout time, Dragon’s blood has been a component in manufacturing medicine, soaps, perfumes, and soaps due to its purifying properties. It is effective in healing teeth and skin that are infected with fungus and bacteria. Additionally, its aroma acts as an insect repellant, quite beneficial to individuals who live in areas with warmer climates and prone to insects.

Spiritual Benefits

Dragon’s blood can help you get a firm grip of your spirituality and honor your gods. You can place the incense on a shrine or altar and make it part of your daily prayers. For additional effectiveness, you can include Dragon’s Blood Oil or even try mixing it with the benefits of cedar incense as it is also great for spirituality.

Reasons Why you Need to Try Out Dragon’s Blood Incense

You may not know what you have been missing. Dragon’s Blood Incense’s smell creates a serene meditation atmosphere besides cleansing properties. Its exotic and rich scent fills your room with tranquility, relieving stress and lightening the mood. Moreover, its fragrance can be ideal in concealing suspicious odors in your home, including pet smells and cigarette smoke.

What Should I Consider When Taking Dragon’s Blood?

Generally, dragon’s blood is considered a safe therapy since it has few reported side effects. For lactating mothers, you must engage your doctor about this alternative. However, no research indicates that it harms or does not harm children.

Health Benefits of Dragon’s Blood

According to research, dragon’s blood has been a popular health supplement in a variety of conditions. Some of the research-based benefits of the resin include:


Dragon’s blood safeguards against and even kills pathogens such as fungi, viruses, and bacteria.


This alternative is also beneficial in addressing some types of ulcers, specifically topical ulcers.


Research shows antioxidant composition in dragon’s blood. This composition gives it some anti-inflammatory properties.


The compound contains anti-tumor potential. Thanks to this property, it can be effective in handling cancer during the early stages.


There are antidiabetic properties in the plant resin. Though not yet proven if it is ideal in diabetes treatment, the topic is still open for further research.


During ancient times, dragon’s blood was used for digestive health reasons. Thanks to its microbial properties, this plant resin can be effective for dysentery and diarrhea.

Bottom Line

Dragon’s blood has been in use for several millennia. The plant resin offers multiple health, spiritual and cosmetic benefits. Recent studies hold it to even higher regards. If you desire a peaceful moment to focus and meditate, consider including dragon blood incense for an out of this world experience.