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The Heart Chakra: Everything You Need To Know

In Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the soul and the body of humans meet at the chakras. These are thought to be swirling wheels of energy that lie along the spinal cord. Three of them are located at the lower body whereas the other three are found in the upper body.

Then, a fourth one, called the heart chakra, connects all of them. This is said to be at the center of the chest region of the human body. It serves to coordinate the activities of all the chakras. We would wish to let you know more about it and how you may assuage it in your operations.

What Is The Heart Chakra?

The Heart chakra or Anahata chakra is one of seven chakras and is commonly referred to as the fourth chakra, the heart chakra is situated at the center of the spinal cord and at the heart region. For this reason, it serves to coordinate all the activities of the other chakras while also bringing along the traits of forgiveness, love, empathy, and compassion.

It is largely denoted by the green color. This stems from its freshness and love that it imbues to the body especially when it is in the best shape and form. By and large, this heart chakra impacts the sense of touch not to mention being attached to numerous bodily glands like the thymus and the lymph.

How To Open The Heart Chakra

To open up the heart chakra, you need to attempt the following strategies:

Recite mantras

First, you may have to recite the mantras. By doing this, you get to shift your energy towards love. Mantras are basically sacred words, sounds, and phrases that help you to focus on your meditations. They are similar to prayers with the only exception that they do not invoke a deity.

Make use of healing stones

The healing stones come in next. They exude the vibrational love energies that in turn invigorate the bodily mechanisms. Each vibration produced by the stone gives off its own unique frequency and a corresponding color. These stones also go a long way in attracting the love energy.

Practice yoga poses

Practicing the yoga poses also goes a long way in opening the heart. Poses like the upward-facing dogs, bridge, and camels do drive the chest towards the sky. In doing that, they clear the entrances to the heart and let you stay in great shape and form all the time.

Repeat the positive affirmations concerning love

It is all a matter of the state of your heart. One way of opening your heart is to constantly reassure yourself that you are loved and in good shape. Repeating these affirmations also sets your heart and the behaviors that ensure in the positive directions.

Burn the essential oils

A couple of essential oils also open the heart when burned and inhaled. Jasmine, orange, sandalwood, lavender, and rose are the core examples of these. They do emit scents that are soothing and invigorating to the human body and the heart as a whole.

Administer great foods and diets

The kinds of foods you eat may also make or break the situation. Fresh fruits and vegetables are particularly great for the chakras. They are easier to digest and imbue the body with lots of vitamins and other essential nutrients. You are advised as much as possible to avoid meat or animal products.

How To Balance The Heart Chakra

Now to the task of balancing the heart yoga. The techniques listed and explained below will certainly be of help to you:


Meditation is a great and powerful tool for balancing the heart chakra. It clams and restores the body in such a way as to create a steady-state at your body’s core. The Sahaj Samadhi meditation is by far the most outstanding of all the meditation practices we have around.

Nourish yourself well

Just as in the case of opening your heart, you also have to nourish yourself well if you hope to balance it. Take plenty of celeries, cabbages, kales, spinach, broccoli, and other green leafy vegetables. They do give off some healing ends over and above keeping your body in the best shapes and forms.


Consistent and regular devotions also go a long way in balancing your heart chakras considerably. Devotion evokes a feeling of unconditional love that is deeper. It is technically referred to as the Sanskrit bhakti. Accompany it by repeating the mantras so that it brings about deeper end results.


You should love yourself better if you hope to keep yourself appropriately balanced. Do this by chanting positive affirmations to yourself. By appreciating yourself, you get to build your resilience, generosity, and sense of self-worth. At the end of it all, you establish and nurture loving relationships with yourself.

Pick a pose

While walking and carrying yourself around, you must also adopt some great poses that are aimed at keeping you in absolute states of relaxation. These poses also balance your heart. The most common poses are the backbends, camel (Ustrasana), puppy dog (Anahatasana), upward-facing Dog Pose (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana), and wheel (Chakrasana).

Make do with the element of air

Air is the dominant element of the heart chakra. You should therefore surround yourself with it to aid your heart to thrive. Take a walk at the beach or open in the plains. While at these areas, the air shall brush against your face to bring about soothing and cooling healing.

Massage your body

Massaging the body does relieve the stress and the strains that the body feels. In the course of this, it also balances the heart to allow it to pump the blood freely to the rest of the body. Use the rose essential oil for this role as it does exude some aromatic feelings and end results.

Take a well-deserved rest

In between any two spates of exercising, you have to take some great rest. The purpose of the rest is to replenish the energy that the body loses in the course of exercising. By far the best rest is that which incorporates a mix of sleep and general relaxation. Complement it by bathing with cold water.

Heart Chakra Stones And Crystals

To keep the state of the health of your heart, you may also make use of some precious stones and jewelry. Here now we list and explain these major stones for your consideration and ultimate usage:


This precious gem is synonymous with love and protection. It is very powerful and works extra hard to give off some balance to the heart. The stone goes ahead to relieve any stress that the heart may get burdened with over and above instilling feelings of forgiveness and acceptance.


For the sake of adventure and harmony, you have the Amazonite stone to set your eyes on. It stimulates your heart chakra to arouse compassion. In its entirety, the stone also produces some revitalizing energy that works all your relationships in the best ways possible.


Looking to bring about protection and peace? The prehnite is the stone to set your eyes on. The stone gives you firm control over your thoughts and emotions. At the end of it all, you also get to facilitate your spiritual transformations. Need we add that the stone elicits unconditional love?


Jade is synonymous with balance and abundance. It cleanses and balances your heart in equal measure. The precious gem also goes a long way in attracting additional love energy into your life. While at it, the gem also heals all the matters of your heart to keep you well balanced.


Aventurine basically awakens the heart chakra. In the course of doing that, it enables you to embrace everything that life throws your way. This of course gives you the leeway to enjoy your life to the fullest. The gem is also synonymous with matters both abundance and luck.


Are you generally prone to fear and trauma? This Rhodochrosite gem is one that you want to hold and place by your side. It creates a great deal of sense and harmony, both of which go a long way in assuaging trauma and fear. You will need it for your emotional healing and self-esteem issues.

Rose Quartz

Navigating difficult times may never be really easy. To ensure smoother navigations, you need a gem that is able to bring forth a sense of self-love and peace. The rose quartz it is! It particularly heals the emotional traumas to keep you in a fair state of balance and peace.

Green calcite

Green calcite is a semi-precious gem that is used for both balancing and stimulation. The gem absorbs negative feelings while also boosting your physical immunity considerably. It serves to heal and transform the body in exceptional ways. Thanks to its semi-precious nature, the gem is cheaper to come by.

Green tourmaline

Like the Green calcite above, this too is semi-precious. It is useful for the matters of opening and stimulation of the heart. The stone also rejuvenates the bodily systems to promote emotional healing and stability. Just if you suffer mood swings, this might be a great gem to choose to work with.

Heart Chakra Affirmations

Here now is a list of 10 different affirmations to seek to use when affirming your chakras:

Heart Chakra Mantras Combined With Other Chakras

Having dealt with the general mantras in the above segment, we now want to take a look at some of the specific heart chakra mantras at the moment:

Crown chakra

This chakra comes in handy when you are ascending the higher levels or states of consciousness. Its slogan is “I understand.” Due to this, it opens a whole world of possibilities for you while balancing and support your heart chakras. It works well with continual practicing.

Third eye chakra

The third eye chakra has an inward connection whose role is to let you peek into the endless possibilities that be within the inner portions of each of us. Its mantra is ‘I see.’ It works to reflect the intuitions and the innate wisdom that exists in each of us.

Throat chakra

As the name suggests the mantra for the throat chakra is “I see.” This is not surprising as the throat contains the vocals that are ultimately used for the purpose of speaking and communicating messages. With it, you may express your individuality and other unique personal attributes.

Sacral chakra

Used to express some feelings hence the mantra, “I feel.” The mantra is largely used to convey and express sensuality, emotions, and pleasure. It is further reflected as an element of water and when fully balanced, channels our energy to the matters of easy movements and grace.


We have strived hard to showcase to you all you may need to know about the heart chakra. Go ahead now and implement the provisions above in the best way with your know-how. As you may deduce from the foregoing explanations, this chakra is highly diversified. You really have to know what you are up to before embarking on the use thereof.

To go about the issue well, we ask you to bring in the support and the intervention of a trained fitness expert to help you. Let the professional take you through each step of the journey from scratch through to the finish line. Many thanks for staying with us till the end.