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Heliodor Gemstone Metaphysical Properties and Meaning

Heliodor is a rare, yellow-green to green gemstone belonging to the beryl family. It is often referred to as golden beryl or yellow beryl. The name Heliodor comes from the Greek words “helios” meaning sun and “doron” meaning gift. Its bright and vibrant color can range from pale yellow to deep gold, making it a popular choice in jewelry-making.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Heliodor gemstone is also believed to have various metaphysical properties and meanings. In this article, we will explore some of these properties and what they mean.

Healing Properties

Heliodor gemstone is believed to have healing properties that can help with physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. Here are some of the ways it is said to assist:

Chakra Alignment

Heliodor gemstone is associated with the solar plexus chakra which governs personal power, willpower, and self-esteem. It is believed that wearing or carrying Heliodor gemstone can help align this chakra which can lead to increased confidence, motivation, and a sense of purpose.

Birthstone Properties

Heliodor gemstone is the birthstone for those born in November. It is said to bring good luck and prosperity to those who wear it during this month.

Zodiac Sign Properties

Heliodor gemstone is associated with the zodiac sign Leo. It is said to enhance the natural traits of Leos such as confidence, courage, and leadership abilities.


Q: Is Heliodor gemstone rare?

A: Yes, Heliodor gemstone is considered rare due to its limited availability in nature.

Q: Can Heliodor gemstone be worn as a piece of jewelry?

A: Yes! Heliodor gemstone can be worn as a beautiful piece of jewelry such as a necklace or ring.

Q: How do I clean my Heliodor gemstone?

A: To clean your Heliodor gemstone, simply use warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners as they may damage the stone.

Q: Can Heliodor gemstone be used for meditation?

A: Yes! Heliodor gemstone can be used during meditation to enhance spiritual growth and connection with higher realms.

Q: What are some other names for Heliodor gemstone?

A: Some other names for Heliodor gemstone include golden beryl and yellow beryl.

In conclusion, Heliodor gemstone has numerous metaphysical properties and meanings that make it a popular choice among those interested in crystal healing and spirituality. Whether you wear it as a piece of jewelry or use it during meditation, this beautiful golden stone is sure to bring positivity and good energy into your life.