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A Guide To Meditation Crystals For Beginners

Meditation provides many healing properties, and daily practice enriches the soul. For those who meditate frequently, we highly recommend the usage of crystals. Why crystals? Crystals are known for their metaphysical healing powers, each with a particular purpose. For example, one gem might focus on increasing psychic power while another might enhance positivity. One thing is sure, crystals improve meditation; they are essential for all enlightening practices.

What are the Benefits of Crystals?

For all wellness routines, the addition of healing crystals is one of the most common types of meditation and can help you reap more benefits. The power and beauty of crystals can enlighten you spiritually. Also, the wide selection of different stones, all with different meanings can help you achieve your specific goals. Since ancient times, shamans, priests, and monks have used stones for their unique properties. Now, the world is slowly re-discovering the often overlooked powers of healing crystals.

Naturally, since meditation and crystals aid in the same goals—bringing spiritual awareness—it is only natural to pair the two. For those wanting to aid in chakra alignment, gain insight, and peace, we recommend adding crystals to your practice and for an extra boost you can try using high quality scented meditation candles as the aroma can help heighten your experience.

Our 11 Favourite Crystals and Their Meanings

1. Amethyst

By far, the most popular crystal for its soothing, calming energy. Perfect for all levels of meditation, but especially nurturing for beginners. Meditators refer the amethyst as an all-purpose stone, as it is versatile. In most crystal collections, you are bound to see an amethyst, and it can be relatively easy to find for sale.
The benefits are excellent for those wanting spiritual peace; it resonates with the third eye and crown chakras. Furthermore, in meditation, it can aid in achieving deeper insights from hidden intuitions. The calming energies of this stone melt away stress naturally, providing clarity. Many use Amethyst for anxiety during their meditation. Since meditation’s main focus is on spiritual peace and awareness, the amethyst’s benefits make it the perfect meditation stone.

2. Clear Quartz

Otherwise known as the “Master Healer,” the quartz crystal is perfect for all meditators. For those with dreams and visions, this crystal can help boost intention, allowing one to succeed. If you pair this stone with another, it will enhance the other stone’s metaphysical properties. This is because the stone attunes all vibrations, healing all energy blockages. Additionally, it blocks any unwanted energies that linger inside your body, mind, and spirit. Perfect for those wanting to clear unwanted thoughts and clatter that’s ruining your day. The vibrant crystal is perfect for clearing the mind and can promote an overall feeling of bliss. Almost all meditation practices should include the Clear Quartz, as its benefits are plentiful.

3. Labradorite

Influential in calming the mind, this gemstone awakens intuition, while providing spiritual protection. For intense meditation practices, in which one wants to travel between realms, it is a must-have. We love how the crystal stimulates the imagination while calming the mind, allowing for a nice creativity boost. Inspiring deep awareness of self and calming the mind; Labradorite is essential for long meditation sessions.

4. Rose Quartz

Known as the love stone, Rose Quartz is a delightful meditation companion. Many suffer from not loving themselves, and Rose Quartz can help one to achieve inner bliss. Its powerful energy allows the meditator’s spirits to lift, enabling intuitive centers to open. The benefits will warm your soul, and compassion will blossom. We recommend adding Rose Quartz if you want to achieve inner peace with yourself.

5. Black Tourmaline

Protective, grounding, and uplifting, Black Tourmaline is excellent for all flowing sessions. It removes the mind clutter and absorbs negative thoughts and emotions. For those wanting to stay safe during their practice, Black Tourmaline surrounds you with balancing, safe energy.

6. Angelite

As the name suggests, this stone is excellent for connecting with the angelic kingdom. Soothing energy that provides stillness of unwanted emotions. The stone is well-known as the Stone of Awareness and deepens all meditation practices. Additionally, the blue and white stone can bring balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. Don’t let the gentle name fool you, as this stone is a powerful tool for quieting your soul while bringing inner awareness.

7. Blue Topaz

The Blue Topaz is a beautiful stone that is a must-have for all collections. It is outstanding for deepening meditation when you want to attune with your higher self. It will energize your third eye chakra, as its vibration frequency is highly concentrated. Being a psychic magnifier, it will help in seeking inner guidance. Blue Topaz’s energy is gentle, providing mental clarity while calming emotions.

8. Selenite

Restful and ethereal, the transparent Selenite is a flawless stone for protection. Enhancing wisdom, clarity, and awareness will give you accurate psychic insight. The stone works before meditation begins as well, as it clears negative energies beforehand. The high-frequency vibrations flow into any practice, and then the meditator. Perfect for balancing energy and strengthening the crown chakra.

9. Azurite

Known as the Stone of Heaven, it has the unmatched power to access the quiet space or void. Experienced meditators are continually seeking the void for inner travel, and this stone is a perfect match for interstellar practices. The bold, beautiful blue color activates the Third Eye Chakra; this stimulates creativity, intuition, and ESP.

10. Aventurine

This compassionate stone is known as the Stone of Opportunity. Aventurine is believed to be the luckiest crystal and excellent in reaching opportunities. For those wanting to release old patterns, achieve new spiritual growth, and positive change—Aventurine reaps all these benefits. When meditating, the stone can reinforce and encourage good thoughts, allowing for a lucid meditation practice. Fantastic for absorbing electromagnetic smog, the stone will guard you against spiritual dangers.

11. Black Onyx

With Black Onyx, you can reduce emotional stress and grief. Some days, when experiencing excessive life troubles, it can be hard to focus on meditation. When confused or drained, Black Onyx can replenish stamina. This makes it one of the best healing crystals to have, as it can help when your chakras are out of alignment.

Our Favorite Crystal

Amethyst is the best meditation stone for all practices. Versatile and beginner-friendly, it makes the perfect match for a calming exercise. It will enhance your spiritual, emotional, and physical state, allowing for peaceful practices.

We recommend meditating in a room with soft lighting with the amethyst. Place the amethyst on the palm of your hand, breathing in the violet energy. Visualizing the effect you want, allowing the mellow powers to bring awareness and clarity. Also, the stone is an unbeatable protector, so don’t worry about negative energies leaking into your practice. When you are complete, take one last deep breath, slowly opening your eyes. (Remember to cleanse your amethyst after meditating.)

You may be wondering where to buy meditation crystals.
We recommend retailors such as Amazon or local sellers that you trust. Crystals should come from safe exporters, as they will provide the best possible effect for meditation.
If you are a beginner, we highly recommend checking out the meditation crystals set on Amazon.

A Final Word

It is no doubt that the crystal’s healing properties can be used to enhance meditation. We have provided a helpful list of our top picks for all levels of meditation. Each crystal will enlighten your spirit and provide unique energies. All of the gems selected focus on awareness and clarity—perfect for meditation practices. We hope you have found our selection helpful in achieving your wellness goals.


What are meditation crystals?

Meditation crystals are enrichening stones with metaphysical properties. In meditation, one achieves spiritual, mental, and emotional awareness. Using meditation crystals, one can accomplish these spiritual goals more efficiently.

Does meditating with crystals work?

Yes, they can work if you follow a safe meditation routine. Read more about the metaphysical properties and benefits of crystals here. (Insert hyperlink to a related blog post.)

How to cleanse meditation crystals?

You can clean your crystals by smudging, intention, reiki, using a selenite slab, using a clear crystal, moonlight, rice soaking, or a flower petal bath.

Where to buy meditation crystals?

You can buy meditation crystals on Amazon, online crystal retailers, or at your local gem shop. We trust Amazon or local stores the best, but it is up to your personal judgment. Don’t buy crystals from someone sketchy—crystals should be purchased carefully.