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How To Create A Simple New Moon Ritual

Life can be overwhelming, making you feel stressed. If you feel there like taking stock of the changes that could propel you to a better life, you could opt for a new moon ritual. A new moon ritual might give you a new perspective, manifestations, and progress in your life.

The ritual gives you a chance to turn inward, reflect on the past moon, intentionally set new rules that guide you to abandon unwanted behavior and embrace good behavior.

Intentions will guide you on everyday feelings, and it needs personal clarity and perspective to figure out the right intentions.

New moon rituals help create a sacred space that allows promotes self care and new beginnings by helping you to set intentions and goals all focused around the lunar cycle.

Here is how to create one of your very own new moon rituals on the next moon cycle.

What Is A New Moon Ritual?

Moon rituals are special ceremonies you set for yourself where you stay still, check-in, and disconnect from the outside world. The ritual originates from Ancient cultures which related the moon to the Goddess, as the Goddess was the original religion of the earth.

People view the moon sacredly due to its effects on the ocean and the female menstrual cycle. There is evidence that the moon also affects other life forms, and ancient people would look up at the moon cycles when deciding the type of plants they would grow.

The moon is still as sacred today as it was, and you can choose to harness its energy to change your life.

Items You Need For New Moon Rituals

Step-By-Step Guide

Create a sacred space

Create a sacred space by identifying a quiet place where you can sit peacefully, organize the rituals and light the incense to calm your spirit; moreover, you can bless the place with the smoke and brew yourself a fresh cup of mint tea and light a candle too if you like.


Sit comfortably and close your eyes while allowing your brain to assess your life. It is wise to let your mind stay calm without opening your eyes. Meditation allows you to assess the positive and negative things that have happened in your life and can help you set the right intention for your life.

Write down your manifestation

While meditating, you can open your eyes to list down a positive affirmation that will guide you on the new-found intentions. The affirmations should have a list of things you would wish to release within the new month.

You can embrace the thoughts and behavior patterns you would want to embrace in the month and the things you would love to change. The notes should be personal; for instance, you could write that I release myself from addiction and bad energy.

Speak to the universe

Hold one of the crystals in your left hand as it connects it directly to your heart and starts speaking to the universe. You can read the affirmations loudly, insisting on the things you would love to let go of and those you want to embrace.

Take time to feel the negative energy slipping away from your mind. You may feel refreshed with the new positivity and the bad energy released from your soul. Moreover, you can make a promise to take care of yourself and prevent the negative energy from getting near you by intentionally embracing positive thoughts and acting positively every day.


Allow the energy you have created during mediation to surround you and let your mind create positive thoughts. You can sip on the hot tea while holding your cards to draw an oracle that gives you direction in your life. You may leave the crystal with you during the new moon evening and throw it out in the morning.

The crystal will recharge in nature while reminding you of the bad energy you have let go of. You should not allow the negative thoughts and energy to creep back into your life and ensure that you stick with the new-found positive things.

Final Thoughts

The new moon ritual is an ancient traditional practice that allows you to re-center your life by creating intention setting and creating new intentions that allow you to embrace positivity in your life. The ritual is done during the new moon night, where you can create a ritual by lighting candles and manifesting what you need in your life.

Finally, you should embrace the new energy and let go of the things that making your life a mess. Once you throw away the crystal stone, it should remind you of the negative things you let go of and embrace positive energy at all times.