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How To Use Sandalwood Incense For Cleansing

Incense can be used for many healing purposes. Incense can also be used for cleansing and will allow a person to relax. Sandalwood is a natural scent and it can help with cleansing of the mind and things that are clouding it. There are many benefits of sandalwood incense for cleansing properties.

Choose Natural

When looking for incense including Sandalwood incense it is important to look for those that are natural and do not contain artificial scents. This is one of the most important things in the cleaning process.

Setting up the Cleanse

To help get into the mood for a cleanse with sandalwood incense sticks a person needs to understand that there are many different types to select from and many different designs, you can also use sandalwood incense cones if you prefer them over incense sticks. Once the incense is burning a person can stand above it and allow the smoke to cleanse out their aura. If they do not want to stand directly in the smoke they can go into a quiet room and light the incense. They can then relax as it burns. At this time all of the negative energy is being removed from the room allowing for a person to cleanse. They can begin to meditate or they can just relax. Bright lights should also be turned off as well as any non-essential sounds.

Melt Away Stress

Sandalwood has been known to help a person relieve stress. Stress and anxiety are two things that are bad for the body but common feelings that people have. A person can light the incense and sit down and relax. They should curl up in a comfortable chair and allow the scent to fill the room. Soon they will be feeling better and these feelings will melt away.


Meditation has been used to help a person relax and remove negative energy from the body and the mind. Meditation has been used my many years to increase relaxation. To help get in tune with the spiritual and to reach a feeling of peace sandalwood incense can be burnt during this process. The aroma will allow a person to reach their spiritual healing and will help with the process.


Many say that sandalwood incense is a good way to get in touch with their spiritual side. This incense will allow a person to increase their openness with the spiritual world around this. This will help bring inner peace and harmony. Some people say they may get in touch with their spiritual guides and it will help clear out any problems they may be experiencing.

Burning sandalwood incense will allow a person to have a sacred space where they can begin their healing and get in touch with their spiritual side. The aroma is natural and it will take a person to a place where they can begin their healing from within.

Sandalwood incense can help the body cleanse. Lighting the incense can help remove negative feelings in the home and will allow a person to remove negative feelings from their minds and their bodies.