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Yogo Calcite Metaphysical Properties, Benefits & Meaning

Updated: January 1, 2023

Yogo Calcite is a rare and unique type of calcite crystal that is found only in the Yogo Gulch area of Montana, USA. It is known for its stunning blue color and is prized by collectors and energy healers for its powerful metaphysical properties. In this article, we will explore the metaphysical properties, benefits, and meaning of Yogo Calcite, as well as how to use it in your daily life.

Yogo Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Yogo Calcite is said to have a high vibration and is believed to be a powerful tool for opening and activating the throat chakra. It is also thought to help with communication, self-expression, and creativity. Some people use Yogo Calcite to help with decision-making and problem-solving, as it is said to bring clarity and focus to the mind. It is also thought to have calming and soothing energy, making it a good choice for those who are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Yogo Calcite Benefits

In addition to its metaphysical properties, Yogo Calcite is also believed to have a number of physical benefits. It is said to be helpful for those with respiratory issues, as it is believed to have a clearing effect on the lungs. It is also thought to be beneficial for the immune system and to help with digestion. Some people also use Yogo Calcite for pain relief, as it is believed to have a soothing energy that can help reduce inflammation and discomfort.

Yogo Calcite Meaning

Yogo Calcite is often associated with the element of water and is thought to have a fluid and flowing energy. It is said to represent the flow of emotions and is believed to help with emotional healing and balance. It is also thought to be a symbol of hope and renewal, as it is believed to help bring clarity and focus to the mind and to help with decision-making and problem-solving.

How to Use Yogo Calcite

There are many ways to incorporate Yogo Calcite into your daily life. One way is to keep a piece of Yogo Calcite on your desk or in your workspace to help with creativity, communication, and decision-making. You can also hold a piece of Yogo Calcite in your hand during meditation or place it on your throat chakra to help with self-expression and communication. You can also wear Yogo Calcite as a piece of jewelry, such as a pendant or earrings, to keep its energy close to you throughout the day.


Yogo Calcite is a rare and unique crystal that is prized for its beautiful blue color and powerful metaphysical properties. It is believed to be a helpful tool for communication, self-expression, creativity, and decision-making, as well as having physical benefits for respiratory and immune health. Whether you keep it on your desk, wear it as jewelry, or use it in meditation, Yogo Calcite can be a powerful addition to your daily life.

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