Best Scented Meditation Candles For Relaxation & Stress Relief


You meditate because you want to help clear your mind and increase focus.

Something you can do to help this process is called candle gazing meditation which is simply where you can either

  • Have your eyes open and stare at the candle flame or;
  • Light a candle with specific scents and fragrances that help you relax and achieve a state of zen.
  • Another great way to meditate is by using intention candles and affirmations.

We like to use a great non-toxic, natural soy wax candle along with a comfortable meditation chair to get the most out of our sessions.

These types of candles will keep your room dimly lit if you decide to focus on the flame or provide great smells if you are focusing on keeping your eyes closed and taking deep breaths.

Another way you might want to use a candle to meditate is simply by lighting a regular candle and focusing on the flame.

Some people find this a lot easier and better to train their focus as the flame constantly moves and helps put you in an almost trance like state which is perfect for meditating and helping to clear your head of all the unwanted nonsense inside.

1. Our Review of "A Calm & Quiet Place" Meditation Candle

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Yankee’s candle is a great addition to your meditation candle collection, hence the name Calm & Quiet Place.

With a perfectly balanced fragrance with scents of jasmine, amber musk and patchouli, you can’t go wrong.

It has a single wick which allows the fragrance to distribute quiet strongly. There is also a removable label making it more versatile.

It weighs in at just 7oz and is a small yet amazing choice for candle meditation created from pure, natural ingredients with a completely natural fiber wick.

Each candle has a mottled effect due to the fragrances being combined before starting the cooling/heating process.

You can expect this candle to last for a total of about 45 hours.


  • Made up of pure, natural extracts.
  • Has a mottled effect.
  • Versatile label that can be removed if needed.
  • Beautiful calming and relaxing fragrance.
  • Great burn time for a small candle.

2. Benevolence Los Angeles Scented Candle For Meditation

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Benevolence LA has created a beautifully scented candle with a combination of rose petal and soft musk.

Being made from soy wax, it leaves no residue from the smoke and burns cleanly. It’s also toxin free making it great for home and meditation.

With a whopping 40 – 50 hour burn time, it’s burning for about 2.5 times longer than most other scented meditation candles on the market today.

Made from high-quality natural essential oils and a cotton wick.

The candle size is roughly 8oz.

If you are looking for a gift candle then this is perfect as it comes with a beautiful matte black lus gold stamped box.


  • Great burning time.
  • Has a free giftbox.
  • Lovely fresh floral smell.
  • Comes with a nice black jar.

3. Boldness Tobacco & Vanilla Scented Candle by Bare Kollections

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Bare Boldness is a beautiful scented candle made with high quality essential oils and fragrances in a natural blend of soy wax.

The candle comes with a nice glass jar which will look great on display.

With a nice modern look and feel, it blends into your home decor perfectly.

This candle has a two scent combination of vanilla and tobacco.

Being 11oz this is by far the longest lasting and best candle as it can easily burn for 70-75 hours.

With a nice little gift box this scented candle can make the perfect gift for your loved ones who love to meditate with a candle.


  • Nice long burning time.
  • Eco-friendly candle and packaging.
  • Long-lasting fresh fragrance.
  • Doesn’t leave any burn residue.

4. Calming Lavender & Vanilla Fragrance Candle by Aubert & Amandine

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With a combination of vanilla and lavender the Aubert & Amandine scented candle will relax you quickly after a long day.

It’s made from soy wax and a fiber wick which will give a steady burn for about 35-45 hours.

This candle uses a strong concentration of essential oils that give off a powerful fragrance while also being made entirely of natural vegetable wax.

Coming in at 13oz in size this is a great option for candle meditation and provides a great aroma in large rooms using it’s 3 wicks.

The Aubert & Amandine scented candle is a gift favourite and even comes with a lovely gift box.

The candle will maintain it’s freshness well with the wooden lid + seal.


  • Distributes fragrance well in larger rooms.
  • Great quality, pure ingredients.
  • Large candle.
  • Strong, durable jar.

5. Meditate Candle by Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body

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The Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body Meditate candle is the perfect addition to your meditation routine. It’s made from soy wax and loaded with pure essential oils.

It’s made up of 3 scents, lemon, cedar-wood and ylang-ylang.

The container it comes in is a lovely colored glass which really adds to the ambience of your home as it provides a relaxing, calming glow.

With it’s lead free wick and 11oz size this is one of my favorites for improving my meditation experience.

You’ll get a massive 80+ hour burn time from this candle making it great value for money.

It provides an extremely clean burn and won’t leave black smoke residue behind.


  • Clean burn with no leftover residue.
  • Great looking flame to focus on.
  • Lovely fragrance.
  • Toxin free.

6. Jasmine & Ylang Ylang For Relaxing Candle Meditation

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This candle provides amazing meditation benefits while also looking great.

La Joile Muse are known for their stunning soy-wax candles that are a great candle for meditation.

The candle is infused with ylang ylang and jasmine essential oils which is what makes this candle have such amazing aromatherapy benefits which helps provide stress relief and improve mood.

If you are feeling exhausted, jasmine can help make you feel better.

People who suffer from anxiety find the calming effects of chamomile to be really effective.

If you feel sad or depressed this is the perfect candle to give you an immediate mood boost and improve your overall well-being.

The color of the candle is rose which signifies romance, sensuality and self-love which is what makes it so great as a meditation candle.

Overall I think this candle is a great gift for that special someone, especially on valentines day (you’ll thank me later fellas!).


  • Beautiful rose/champagne color.
  • Helps relieve stress and improve overall mood.
  • Candle Scents: Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Musk, Jasmine.
  • Made from environmentally friendly soy wax.
  • 10oz candle that has a total of 60-80 hours burning time.

7. Lavender Scented Candle by Wax & Oils

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The most commonly requested candles are Lavender candles as they smell amazing. This one is made from a whole lot of it too.

Wax & Oils hand made this divine lavender candle.

Lavender can really help you get into a calm headspace when meditating.

It’s also great to use before bed due to the drowsy effects lavender can have on you, making it perfect for relaxing after a long day.

If you struggle to fall or stay asleep then this candle is perfect for you, just light it up before bed and your insomnia will be a thing of the past.

If you deal with a lot of daily stress and anxiety, using lavender can really help you calm down and relax, easing those unpleasant feelings. This makes it one of my favorite candles for meditation and something I always have in my cupboard.

This candle weighs only 8oz and comes in a tin. Made from soy wax.


  • Violet/Purple in color.
  • Promotes sleep and relaxation.
  • Scents: Lavender.
  • Made from soy wax.

8. Spearmint & Eucalyptus Meditation Candle by Shortie's Candle Company

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If you are looking for all natural scented candles then Shortie’s Candle Company is the company for you.

They use premium essential oils n their soy candles which help improve mood and relaxation.

This scented jar candle uses two great scents, spearmint and eucalyptus.

Not only does this help calm your nerves and bring you into a relaxed state, the spearmint is also great for improving your overall feeling of well-being and enhances your mood.

If you are dealing with any allergies or cold & flu symptoms the eucalyptus will really help you to feel better so you instead of skipping your meditation session you can use it to help heal you.

With these combined scents you’ll find it really helps bring peace and balance to your sessions, plus it smells incredible.

Green is the color of nature and life and is helpful in expressing self-esteem and confidence.

Nature and life also means it is also a symbol that it’s helpful for healing your body and mind which is what you want in a meditation candle.

Made with hand-poured food grade paraffin wax blend with a wick made from cotton you get a great burn time of about 80 hours.


  • Spearmint Green in color.
  • Helps improve mood and self-esteem.
  • Relieves side effects from cold & flu.
  • Scents: Eucalyptus and Spearmint.

9. Honeycomb Veriglass Scented Beeswax Blend Candle for Relaxation by Root Candles

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Root Candles have been selling candles for nearly 150 years, starting back in 1869. They are a family owned business that has a real passion for what they do.

They have created a whole range of candles using various essential oil scents.

This one was created by Root Candles specifically to help with your candle meditation. The scents used a designed to really help you focus during while meditating and I personally found it to have a profound effect on how I felt.

Veviter is an amazing scent that can really help ground you and keep your mind calm.

The Beeswax Blend helps calm your body and mind while promoting laser focus so you don’t feel drowsy.

You’ll find this candle really helps calm down strong emotions such as anger, sadness or even depression and anxiety.

After one meditation session with this candle you will really notice that you feel more relaxed and at ease with yourself and the world.

This candle is a beautiful ocean blue color which represents protection, loyalty and kindness.

Weighing in a just 10.5oz this candle has a 70 hour burn time and comes in a glass jar.

The product is made in the USA from essential oils and uses a natural blend of soy wax.

The wooden wick provides a calming crackling noise which can really help with keeping you focused and calm during meditation.


  • Ocean Blue in color.
  • Helps calm your mind.
  • Boosts focus during meditation session.
  • Scents: Myrrh, Vetiver, Frankincense (olibanum), Citrus.
  • Made from soy wax.

10. Great Grounding Candle – Happiness Shakra

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Aloha Bay specializes in chakra candles and decided to dedicate an entire range to them. Their candles are made with specific essential oils and colors designed to target each of your seven chakras.

The Happiness chakra candle targets the Sahasrara chakra which is located right on the crown of your head.

This candle is able to make use of three essential oils which makes it a perfect candle for meditation.

The Patchouli scent is great for your meditation session due to it’s grounding effects.

Labdanum is used to help calm your emotions and increase your self-love.

Frankincense is the perfect addition as it also helps to calm your mind.

When you combine all 3 of these scents you will have a whole new experience in your meditation practice.

It’s believed the violet color will help connect you to your higher self where you can turn your dreams into reality.

The Happiness candle is made from pure essential oils and lots of love. It weighs in at 11oz and makes use of a cotton wick.

Made in the USA. 100% paraffin free.


  • Violet/Purple in color.
  • Helps promote positive emotions.
  • Keeps you grounded.
  • Scents: Labdanum, Patchouli, Frankincense.
  • Made from palm wax.

If you want to meditate while candle gazing then it doesn’t hurt to have a scented candle but it’s not required.

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