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Opalite Metaphysical Properties And Meaning

Stones have been in use for the betterment of human lives since time immemorial. Various gems have different capabilities. Opalite is an example of such, thanks to its purification properties and other qualities. This article delves into opalite metaphysical properties and everything there is to know about these revered crystals. Tag along to understand the benefits and reasons why you should consider benefiing from its unique characteristics.

What Is Opalite?

Opalite refers to a beautiful, sky blue gem that signifies new beginnings, clear thinking, and childish glee. Contrary to other crystals, opalite is artificially made with glass origins. Therefore, it contains a far distinct meaning for spiritual reasons compared to natural stones. Natural opalite exists too. However, it is scarce and occurs in opalized volcanic ash locations like Brazil and Africa. Its other names include tiffany ash, purple opal, and opalized fluorite.

Composition of Opalite

Opalite is a tender, delicate, and dynamic stone. As an iridescent artificial resin, its compositions include Dolomite and a metal that creates a pearly appearance. Glass is the major component due to its similarity to what occurs from the hardening and cooling of volcanic ash.

Origin of Opalite

Natural opalite is a gem that results from opalizing volcanic ash. This event rarely occurs, and when it does, it can be found in African countries and Brazil.

Opalite Colors and Appearance

Opalite usually appears milky or clear in color. It has two primary colors, blue and white, that come together to form its unique sparkle. Collectively, they represent calmness, openness, and purity.

These primary colors serve to introduce peace to humanity by reminding people of simplicity, similar to the beautiful skies of the summer and flat plains of snow during winter. You can place opalite on your forehead, navel, or sacred heart. This gem results in brightening and shining its energy around you and gives you pure beauty and cheer.

Opalite Zodiac Sign

Individuals born under the horoscope sign of cancer stand to benefit the most from opalite healing properties. In addition, it helps Cancer sign persons align their spiritual, mental, and physical energies.

Opalite Hardness

Opalite hardness is 5.5-6.5 out of 10

Opalite Chemical Formula


Synergy Counterparts of Opalite

Chakras that Opalite Can balance

· If combined with Blue Peruvian Opal, opalite opens up your third-eye chakra.

· By placing it over your crown chakra, it stimulates your visions and boosts your psychic powers.

· Opalite also balances your yin-yang energies, aligning them with your higher self.

Opalite Meaning

Thanks to its bluish hue and unique shine, opalite is an attractive and powerful stone. Like other stones, you need to use opalite to address the more direct challenges in life. It is famous for quickly uplifting an individual’s mood and introducing a more lighthearted approach to life.

Metaphysical Properties of opalite

Opalite has several metaphysical properties, including:


Opalite is ideal when undergoing a significant change because it helps in making smooth transitions. It can be beneficial in all aspects of life changes, major and minor. Examples of transformations include getting in or out of a relationship, having a new baby, changing jobs, and more.


As a stone of personal power, opalite is known to increase confidence and improve the sense of self-worth. Alongside these empowering properties, it harnesses the dependent qualities of inner strength to reveal and express your more profound, more concealed feelings.

Sexual Performance

Besides its calming and relaxing qualities, opalite also counts as an energizing stone. It stimulates sexual proficiency and boosts libido. Additionally, it improves the overall sexual experience.


Opalite is ideal in meditation not just because of its relaxing and calming effect but also because it opens the third-eye chakra, responsible for intuition, vision, and insight. When placed above the crown chakra, it induces visions and enhances psychic abilities. Although opalite aids in communication at all levels, it contributes immensely to communication on a spiritual level. Therefore, this stone can help communicate to and receive information from the spirit world and help in their interpretation.


Also known as merchant stone, opalite is helpful for business excellence. It helps in manifesting monetary wealth and material affluence. Its other contributions include interpersonal interaction and improved communication. As an energetic stone, it also improves supporting traits of persistence and the ability to overcome fatigue and exhaustion.

Balances Yin-Yang

Yin-yang refers to the balance of light and dark, male and female, and day and night energies. Opalite balances these energies by aligning them with the inner self. Moreover, it can stabilize mood swings and removes any blockages in the chakras and energy meridians within your body.


Opalite is both energetic and subtle. As an all-around healing stone, you can accrue numerous benefits by introducing it to your daily life. Whenever you are feeling low, seeking meditation or a libido boost, try opalite for optimal success.

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