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8 Benzoin Incense Benefits That Will Surprise You

Whenever a Benzoin tree (Styrax Benzoin) is about seven years old, its bark could be ‘tapped,’ similar to how a maple tree is squeezed for syrup. Benzoin is gathered as a caramel-colored liquid, but it solidifies when exposed to sunlight and air. When the resin hardens, it forms little crystalline rocks, which are used as incense. It has a balsamic, sweet, faintly vanilla fragrance.

Gum Benzoin is a vital ingredient of the incense found in Russian Orthodox worship places and other Evangelical Christian societies. It is also found in Chinese incense, Indian incense, Japanese incense, and Papier d’Arménie blend. What’s more, it is a famous Indian incense known as sambraani or sambrani used for its smell, cure hair, and avoid illness.

Sumatra benzoin is one of the largest exports of benzoin coming in at over 1000 metric tonnes and is used in many aromatherapy practices for it’s incredible perfume and medicinal properties.

Main Benefits of Benzoin Incense

There are many great benefits of benzoin which I will share with you below.

Promotes Emotional Balance

Burn Benzoin resin incense to improve emotional equilibrium and alleviate melancholy, grief, anxiety, and rage. It is believed to drain away obstructions and open the heart due to its earthy, balsamic aroma and lovely vanilla overtones. It is uplifting and energizing, fostering concentration and focus which also helps to alleviate sadness associated with anxiety or depression.

Enhance Respiratory Health

Benzoin essential oil, which has organic expectorant characteristics, can be breathed to force out phlegm and help treat respiratory congestion. Its disinfecting capabilities will also aid in removing microorganisms, which cause diseases like common colds and coughs.

If coughing keeps you up at night, several drops of Benzoin essential oils over your pillow will help you sleep by suppressing the cough reflex and allowing you to relax. This is great if you want some relief from your bronchitis.

Helps With Digestive Health

Massaging Benzoin essential oil dilution to the abdomen has a potent carminative action, assisting in eliminating excessive gas from the intestines and stomach. It promotes the release of gastric juices, which are required for proper digestion, while also toning and soothing the digestive tract.

Helps Remove Bad Odor

Because of its strong scent, benzoin incense is widely used as a perfume. Its smoke fills the atmosphere with a pleasant aroma and dispels odors. It can neutralize body odor as well as the microorganisms that generate it when blended with massage oils and bathing water or when rubbed to the body. This feature is due to the presence of benzene ring compounds in the oil itself. Benzene is indeed a cyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, just like any other cyclic natural compound.

Can Enhance Circulation & Improve Energy

Benzoin essential oil helps brighten one’s emotions and improve one’s attitude. For this reason, it has been and continues to be extensively utilized in religious ceremonies throughout the world. It is utilized in incense sticks and other similar things that, when burned, emit smoke with the distinctive fragrance of benzoin oil.

The compounds of this oil’s constituents penetrate one’s nostrils and are identified by the scent receptors. After that, their impacts are transferred to the brain, triggering the nerve center. It might also give you a warm sensation, boost your heartbeat, and increase your circulation. These capabilities of benzoin oil were discovered a long time ago and used to generate a celebratory mood in meetings.

Aids Urination

Benzoin essential oil has diuretic qualities, meaning it may encourage and promote urination, both in amount and frequency. Thus, it assists in the disposal of toxic chemicals from the blood via urination. Urination also aids in blood pressure reduction, digestive improvement, as well as weight loss.

May Avoid Infections

Benzoin essential oil is an excellent antibacterial and disinfectant. Elements such as benzoic acid, benzyl benzoate, and benzaldehyde have bactericidal, antiviral, germicidal, fungicidal properties. Based on the degree to which its smoke travels when burned can disinfect an open wound and help stop bacteria from spreading.

Benzoin Resin Incense & Essential Oil Is Great For Skin Care

Okay now this is mainly for benzoin essential oils and not incense but I think it’s still worth talking about incase you were looking for something to help with any skin issues you are having.

Benzoin is beneficial to the skin in a variety of ways. It has disinfecting, antibacterial, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes wound healing, heals ulcers, and treats psoriasis, rashes, and eczema.

Benzoin essential oil is also a fundamental element in cosmetic products. It shields the skin by generating an invisible layer that minimizes moisture loss, increases elasticity, and encourages smooth, supple skin. You can also use it to soothe an irritable scalp, avoid and manage dandruff, and add luster to the hair.

Other Powerful Benefits of Burning Benzoin Incense

Common Scent Combinations

It’s quite common to burn more that one incense scent at a time and people commonly like to burn one of the following scents with benzoin.

Related Scents & Combinations:

Where Can I Purchase Benzoin Incense Sticks?

Your local candle or bath shop may not have Benzoin in stock as it’s not as commonly used as scents like lavender, lilac or tea tree. I always order mine from Amazon as it usually has free shipping and arrives in just a couple days.


The carminative, relaxing, deodorant, antidepressant, cordial, antiseptic qualities of benzoin incense contribute to its health advantages. It also has anti-inflammatory, sedative, expectorant, anti-rheumatic, diuretic, astringent, vulnerary, and antiseptic properties. The benefits of burning benzoin incense sticks have been utilized from ancient times till date.

But aside from being very fragrant, benzoin and its compounds can be toxic. Excessive consumption or inhalation might result in headaches, vomiting, nausea, and reduced oxygen in the blood. Thus, you should be careful not to use excessively.