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Copper Metaphysical Properties And Meaning

We all know copper to be an excellent conductor of electricity. Indeed, this metal is extensively employed in electrical circuits and installations. Additionally, it is used to manufacture cookware and cutlery. What many do not know though is that its benefits extend beyond that. The metal also has some metaphysical characteristics.

These are characteristics that basically stretch beyond the normal or the physical. It is in our best interest now to highlight and explain these metaphysical benefits for you to know. The discussions below list down the benefits and then provides explanations that demonstrate the relevance of these benefits to anyone who chooses to work with the stone.

Copper Metaphysical & Healing Properties

Below now are some of the metaphysical characteristics of copper:

Conductor of Energy & Electric Impulses

The number one metaphysical characteristic of copper is that it conducts electrical impulses. This is not a surprise because the metal itself is ordinarily a great conductor of electricity. Stemming from this also is the excellent transfer of energy, healing the body, and the proper handling of minerals by the body.

Combats many bodily issues & Boosts Self Esteem

Copper aids in combating many bodily issues.

Examples of these are restlessness, passivity, lethargy, non-acceptance of one-self (denial), and excitability. If you have any psychological issues that may ordinarily induce stress and emotional fatigue on you then you may find copper to be quite helpful and also improve your self esteem.

Stimulates a couple of bodily processes

For your body to function well and achieve its full potential, most of its processes have to be stimulated. Copper is yet again great and awesome with regards to this end. It does stimulate independence, diplomacy, optimism, and initiative, to name but a few! While at it, the stone gives you more energy t tackle your challenges.

Clears out negative energy

Stimulating your bodily processes is not enough. The metal goes ahead to even clear out the negative energy that tends to drag people behind extensively. While clearing the negative energy, the metal also re-balances the chakra and positions you strategically to receive all the goodness that the spiritual realm has to offer.

Bridges the physical and the spiritual realm

Copper also has a distinctive characteristic of being able to bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual realm. This is not surprising because it is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. When used for the job, it lends light to the astral bodies and also channels the energy necessary for proper functioning.

Imbues deep healing and recoveries

In case you are battling a wound, be it physical or spiritual, you badly need to invoke the assistance of the copper mineral. It does have the ability to bring about deep healing of and recoveries from all kinds of wounds, be they, physical or emotional. The metal has the potential to bring forth an abundance of opportunities to your side.

Gives off some cosmic greatness

The metal is capable of making you feel great by elevating your spirit and soul to the cosmic realms. Its magical properties, when tapped into well, are primarily responsible for the attainment of this awesome end for you. The next time you feel low or less of life, you know just where to run to.

Facilitates the workings of your spiritual belief systems

Copper, in its capacity as an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, also facilitates the workings of your spiritual belief system considerably. Its magical properties do stimulate the spiritual energies you need to take on many of your spiritual challenges and issues. To make that possible, it transports your spiritual energies back and forth smoothly.

Activates your inner vision

Proper spiritual functioning is incomplete without the activation and reliance on the inner visions. Copper also has the ability to activate your inner vision. This, it achieves, mainly by stimulating a powerful flow of robust energy that triggers your inner eyes to behold images and visions well.

Infuses you with psychic energies

This wonderful metal has the ability to infuse you with great psychic energies. You will rely on these energies to operate optimally and way ahead of the rest of the masses. The energies are able to tackle things that ordinary persons are naturally incapable of tackling.

Kindles synchronicity and balance

Always attempting to tackle things but never succeeding? Often get confused along the journey as you handle many of your common everyday hassles? Chances are that your synchronicity and balance are both severely compromised. As a way forward, you badly need to make do with copper as it really handles the job pretty well.

Great for the proper functioning of the body

Other than healing the body in the event of a disease or sickness, this wonderful piece of stone is also great and awesome for the proper functioning thereof. It lends great support to the red blood cells that supply oxygen to the cells of the body through the blood. Its intake thus ensures sound health.

Detoxifies the body

Most of the sicknesses we have stem from the fact that the body is full of toxins and hence does not function as robust as should be. Copper yet again has potent detoxification characteristic that is capable of eliminating all the toxins from the body. As it does that, the mineral ends up also improving the circulation of blood throughout the body smoothly.


From the foregoing discussions, it is crystal clear that copper is loaded with many excellent metaphysical characteristics. These have the attendant benefits of improving the physical and the spiritual lives of those who choose to make use of them immeasurably. What does that mean? You should never shy away from utilizing it.

As a matter of fact, of all the precious metals we have, copper tends to have the highest number of potential healing properties. It is that precious mineral you desperately want to have by your side if you have inherent health issues or long-running sicknesses that have defied the prevailing scientific drugs or treatment therapies.

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