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Guide To Using Tibetan Singing Bowls For Meditation

Just the other day I became fascinated with learning how to use a singing bowl for meditation as it looks so peaceful and relaxing, here’s what I found during my research.

How to use Tibetan singing bowls for meditation? There are two different ways you can use a Tibetan singing bowl to produce soothing sounds for meditation. The first way is to firmly strike the bowl which will create a powerful, loud sound similar to a metal bell. The second way you can use the singing bowl is by gently rubbing a wooden stick around the lip of the bowl which will cause the bowl to “sing” with beautiful, soft sounds.

Why Use Tibetan Singing Bowls?

Using a singing bowl can is a great types of meditation that can help to train the neural pathways in your brain to access a state of zen or deep relaxation much faster than normal.

Let me explain…

Do you remember a time when you are driving and a song comes on the radio and instantly transports you into a different state of mind? Maybe a song comes on that takes you back to the time you went through a breakup or had a fight with a loved one and you start to feel upset or even burst into tears. This is the power that our sense have on us and our sense of hearing is one of the most powerful for transforming the way you feel instantly.

This is how we want to be using singing bowls, when we start playing them the bowl will sing and we are training our brain to become relaxed when we hear those sounds.

3 Powerful Benefits That Tibetan Singing Bowls Have During Meditation

1. Quickly Relax & Enter A Zen State

As I mentioned previously the singing bowls help create a neural highway in the brain to help you enter a state of zen and relaxation very quickly.

It is in the state of being that you are truly able to meditate on ideas and connect to yourself in a powerful way.

Meditation can be incredibly frustrating when you can’t relax and quiet the mind, singing bowls are just a great way of helping move that process along.

You’ll find that even when you have terrible days and you can’t sit still, using a singing bowl will still work, and it works much better than if you tried to fight your way through it like normal.

If you are looking to really boost your practice, try meditating with mala beads as that has been another powerful one for me.

2. Healing Body & Mind

One of the great things about meditation is that when you fully enter a state of fully relaxation your body is able to begin healing itself in ways it never could before.

The mind is able to bring things up out of your subconscious that you can let go of and really helps you get to the bottom of what is eating away at you. This is the minds way of healing and dealing with problems that are pushed down into your subconscious.

Not only the mind starts to heal itself though, during deep relaxation your body gets a break from all the trauma caused by the chronic stress of the modern world. All that stress that builds up from life and work really takes a toll on our bodies when we don’t deal with it properly.

By allowing your body time to be stress free it helps make sure your immune system is able to function properly when it’s needed instead of always being in a state of stress.

Many people have found that they stop getting sick so often when they start to meditate consistently and say it’s similar to sleep in the way it allows you to heal.

3. Creativity & Problem Solving

This is one of my favorite things about meditation as I have a very active mind and love to learn new things and solve difficult problems.

While meditating is usually a time where you want to quiet the mind and relax, you can also use it to focus intensely on a problem and more often than not you’ll come up with a great solution or even just realize that you don’t need to solve it in the first place.

I always have a giggle at myself when I am super stress about a problem in my business or personal life, sit down and meditate on it for 30 minutes and realize that it’s not even a problem I have to respond to in the first place.

One of the things that singing bowls help with during this type of meditation is that it can really help you to focus on that idea or problem.

Not only the sound, the act of actually moving the wooden stick around the bowl gives me a greater sense of focus when I want to think about something. This also seems to be other peoples experience and while I’m not entirely sure why this happens I can speculate that it’s because you are giving your mind something to focus on which is the problem or idea and you are also giving you body something to focus on and that helps to stop the chaos taking over.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love the idea of using singing bowls during my meditation sessions and will be ordering one this week to give it a really good go and report back my personal experience.

It was a lot of fun doing the research for this post and learning about how the singing bowl sounds affect your brain and develop new pathways to relaxation.

I can’t wait to give it a go.

What are your experiences with using singing bowls while meditating?