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Ultimate Guide to Candle Gazing Meditation (Trataka)

It’s hard to let-go sometimes, in the haze of life problems. Candle Gazing Meditation, or trataka, is a form of hatha yoga and aids in spiritual awakening. A trataka is one of the size purification methods, otherwise known as shatkarmas, of hatha yoga.

As the name comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “to gaze,” this practice isn’t performed with eyes closed. Instead, this open-eyes meditation is done while focusing on a candle flame.

Through tratakas, one can channel their thoughts, regain wasted energies, and move to a peaceful state.

This form of meditation is believed to energize and enlighten the third eye chakra (Ajna,) further improving wisdom and psychic energy. Both clarity and peace are provided with this pleasant routine.

For beginners, this meditation is helpful for those with a wandering mind. Performing a simple trataka will help beginners to focus while gaining this ability to further improve all forms of meditation.

The multitude of daily stressors can unbalance your chakras and offset your day. Trataka meditation is perfect for those who are experiencing high levels of stress, lack of concentration, and depression. Carrying out candle gazing meditation will enrich chakra alignment without the effort.

Still, have questions? This article covers all you need to know toward this restoring practice.

Benefits of Trataka Candle Gazing Meditation

With all forms of meditation, each is packed with various benefits. So, what are the benefits of the candle gazing method?

Trataka expands eyesight and vision; it is especially recommended for those suffering from eye strain or excessive computer usage. Following the external sight, it also provides clarity for inner vision. Those who practice candle gazing meditation have found improved concentration levels and enhanced memory. Also, greater work efficiency, productivity, and increased decision-making abilities have come from a trataka practice.

Others have found emotional strength from this method, including a boost in self-confidence and willpower. Persons who suffer from stress, mental health issues, behavioral problems, and emotional drawbacks have experienced healing benefits from trataka. Like most forms of meditation, candle gazing also aids in bringing patience and inner peace.

Many come to use this method for deep relaxation, insomnia relief, and harmony.

What You Need to Have Before You Begin Candle Gazing

When you begin your practice, find your comfy meditation place. This space should be quiet, peaceful, and contain minimal distractions. It is recommended to have a dedicated meditation spot, as familiarity will cycle the positive energy from each day.

As with all meditation practices, comfort will increase the positive flow throughout your routine.

There are a couple options of what you’ll need:

One important thing to note is the significance of the candle’s color. If you choose to buy a set of meditation candles, most colors should be provided. But if you are buying individual candles, you may want to be selective of the colors. Depending on what you want to gain from your practice, a specific color can impact the metaphysical qualities.

Candle Colors and Their Meanings

Color Significance & Meaning
White Purity, clarity, virtue
Gold Plentiful, prosperity, wealth, spirituality
Violet Assurance, admiration, higher consciousness
Indigo Imagination, awareness, understanding
Blue Creativity, hope, calmness,
Turquoise Freedom, healing, safety
Green Compassion, kindness, motivation, love,
Yellow Determination, inner-strength, confidence, self-respect
Orange Sensuality, sexual energies, positivity, joy
Red Bravery, strength, liveliness, family-bonds
Pink Empathy, devotion, commitment

Remember to choose non-toxic candles for the best experience. (Soy wax or beeswax are recommended.) If you want to gain an aromatherapy experience, make sure to get scented candles.

How to do a candle gazing meditation

Now that you know the rejuvenating benefits and the things you’ll need, let’s dive right into the process.

Step 1 – Set-up your space

First, prepare your happy place with the previously mentioned items. For candle gazing, it is best to be in a room with dim lighting. The darker, the smoother the meditation is. Make sure your space will be quiet without distractions. (Turn off your phone or other distracting devices that might interrupt your practice.) Once your seated area is furnished, place your candle on a surface that will be eye-level with you while you’re seated.

Step 2 – Prepare Your Mind & Body

Be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing during your practice. Wrap yourself in your chosen blanket/shawl to keep your body warm. Place your seat in where you will be at a close distance, eye-level with the candle. Sit down and light your candle.

Step 3- Meditate

Practice your routine as long or as short as you’d like. (The longer, the better.) This form of practice is considered to be complete when your tear ducts involuntarily water.
During the practice, focus on the flame. When your mind drifts or your body desires movement, resist these urges. If you have contact lenses, close your eyes every 20 seconds to avoid lens damage. Allow your spirit and conscious of being fully enveloped with the flame alone.

Take deep breaths as you observe the candle. Flow with ease during this practice as you concentrate only on the flame.
Watch and learn the flame, reminding yourself that the flame only seems to be consistent, but really it is dissolving slowly. Tell yourself that it isn’t a single flame, but instead multiple flames.

Observe and let go of any tension and lingering thoughts. Empty your mind and open your heart. Observe patiently.

If you want to amplify this technique, take your mind back to when you first lit the candle, and view yourself in your mind. Focus on the candle, wick, and the golden light surrounded by this aura. Picture the aura expanding, your breath expanding the aura further until your focus is in the candle flame. Hold the thought, until the image fades, and slowly bring your attention back to the room. Feel the calmness, peace, and tranquility.

Step 4 – Restore focus

When you are complete, allow your body to slowly return to the room. Rest your body and slowly stretch, awaking your arms and legs. Allow your focus to respond to all 5 senses, once more. Give yourself as much time as needed to rise.

During this period, it is perfect for reflections. If you have a meditation journal, this would be the time to record your experience. Reflect on what you have gained insight on during your practice and how you will apply it to the rest of your day.

Final Thoughts

We highly recommend a trataka practice for all meditators—especially beginners looking for a concentration boost. When focusing on the candle flame, clarity and peace will rejuvenate your being, allowing you to feel a positive energy. With the many benefits of candle gazing, one can improve many abilities through this simple, effective, and easy practice. The color of the candle will additionally provide further insight into the area of your choosing. Wisdom and intuition are only a session away. Keep at your routine and practice patiently with diligence. The results will reap themselves.