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How To Use Mala Beads In Meditation

Meditation is a deeply satisfying thing to consider. If only you can practice and make it a routine activity, you will note that it could be an end to itself. It is an activity that requires not only your full focus but also commitment. One thing you will appreciate in this pursuit is the role of the mala prayer beads. Their use has become quite common in the recent past. They are not only effective and beneficial but also one of the most reliable types of meditation. But, what is it you need to know about these beads? How effective and useful are they? We explore some of the basics that you would have otherwise never known.

What are mala beads?

Mala is a string of beads that are essential in the meditation practice. Each series has about 108 beads. It helps in counting the numbers that you recite your mantras as well as your breaths while meditating. You will also note that they can be useful in counting prostrations as well as the repetitions of a buddha’s name. While mala beads came into existence about 3000 years ago, their effectiveness has never been doubted. They have roots in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

These malas usually come in different styles and even types. Often, they feature round beads that are about 7-8 mm in size. Common beads used in these strings include bodhi seeds, lotus seed beads, and wood. Gemstones are essential in making healing malas since they possess different energies and even properties.

The malas can be of a guru style, 108 beads, or a tassel. The tassel comes with various meanings. Given that it features strings that have come together as one, they are representative of people’s connection to one another, a concept that we all love.

The tassel attaches itself to a bead called the guru bead. This guru bead plays a vital role in symbolizing the guru from whom a student has received a particular mantra. This way, it tends to pay homage to the student-guru relationship.

You will also learn of the least known overhand knotting. While it might not be as popular, it is the most reliable in making the mala much stronger. It provides room for Japa meditation. This form of meditation relies on the use of beads in counting the repetition of specific mantras.

What are Mala Beads used for?

The use of mala beads tends to vary from one individual to another, from a given community to another. However, we have a few aspects that stand out for all users.

Mala beads play a crucial role in meditation. One of the reasons people meditate is to build a sense of power that helps them to not only stand out but also appreciate who they are. These beads come in handy in creating a connection between the body, mind, and soul. This way, it soothes your mind in a way that allows you to encourages the realization of mindfulness.

These beads also come in handy in finding suitable solutions to given issues. You will learn that these beads are crafted with different gemstones. Such gemstones usually possess different energies and properties. One thing about this is that the energies will help in identifying problems as well as their suitable solutions. This move is critical in making sure that the user gains the mental wellness that they so desire. The beads ensure that the user achieves better concentration as well as emotional stability during their meditation.

It is not uncommon for some people to use these mala beads for prayers. You will notice that among those who practice Hinduism and Buddhism, it is essential in the recitation of given prayers, a role that is akin to prayer rosaries. With these malas, one will maintain their focus on the prayer, addressing all the issues that they might be having at the moment.

Benefits of using mala beads

Mala beads have proven to be not only practical but also beneficial. A look at what these beads have to offer will be of great significance in making decisions in the long run.

1. Increased Focus

Undoubtedly, reading these malas often involves repetitive recitation of single words such as om or om, so ham. Whichever word is repeated, you will learn that it could be quite transformative if done once on each bead. By tracing the beads with your fingers, you will find it easier to keep track of the Japa. This way, you can intend to repeat it once or twice a day.

A mala bead meditation is very focus heavy like a candle gazing meditation.

2. Very Relaxing

Nothing could keep your mind as relaxed as using these mala beads. Their use is akin to that of prayer rosary. This recitation ensures that you enjoy a calmer mind as well as sufficiently regulated blood pressure. It plays a crucial role in deepening the breath as well as re-directing the focus of your brain from day to day worries and anxieties. This way, you will easily avoid depression at the end of the day. Your mind will be trained towards spiritual as well as positive thoughts. These beads are some of the most reliable pacifiers you can ever get. Another great way to relax is by using Tibetan singing bowls for meditation as they bring a soothing sound that helps your body and mind calm down.

3. A More Fulfilling Meditation Session

One of the most important desires of any person is to be in the right mood and mental state. Meditation plays a significant role in making sure that you achieve a positive attitude down the road. Using mala beads ensures that we remain still, focused, and even calm. Nothing could offer you more satisfaction in enhancing self-awareness, attention, and focus than the malas and mantra. This experience is all you need for a more fulfilling life. In a way, these beads ensure that all your negative thoughts are suppressed and replaced.

4. Greater Self Awareness

You will learn that meditation offers a sense of self-awareness. This move often slows down respiration, providing more room for one to focus and understand themselves better. This way, you are more likely to have an open mind in the long run. While at it, it provides a conducive environment for you to heal. You will have the chance to address the various negative issues and hurt that could be stuck in the subconscious.

5. Discipline & Humility

If you have ever desired to learn discipline and humility, this is the most suitable way to do it. Mala beads always ensure that you understand how to be adherent to procedures as well as regulations.

How to Use Mala beads

Apart from being enjoyable, using mala beads can be quiet easy for as long as you follow the right steps. But how do you achieve this?

It is imperative to clarify your intention of the practice. This way, choosing the right mantra and affirmation will be a lot easier. You will also have to do your meditation in a comfortable place, with your legs crossed. Following this, you will close your eyes and observe your breathing pattern and speed. Start to breathe as you focus on your mantra or affirmation intensely.

How to use mala beads during meditation? Hang your first mala bead on the ring finger of your right hand, place a hand on the guru, and begin the recitation. At the end of each mantra, you will push the bead and go to the next for a new round. Keep counting until you reach 7, 21, 27, or 108.

Do not skip the guru bead. It is imperative that instead, you turn and start counting towards the opposite side.


Mala beads are not only worth your time but also your resources. For as long as you are conversant with how to use them accordingly, you will easily benefit from a relaxed mind, lesser stress, and a healthier body in the long run.