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Palo Santo Incense Benefits

Palo Santo tree is a sacred fragrant tree in South America meaning “Holy Wood”. It is like incense, Murre, and Copal resin incense. For centuries the Shamans of Peru have been used as an aid to dispelling the negative effects of the white smoke of this sacred wood known as Palo Santo. Shamans also used this medicine to treat colds, coughs, asthma by treating it with tea or warm water.

Palo Santo sticks burning is a sacred ritual used by Indigenous Andes communities to cleanse their area and ward off evil spirits and negative energy. This is known as smudging, a spiritual practice in which you clear your energy fields using a piece of burning Palo Santo sticks or a bunch of vegetables and burning Palo Santo, such as white sage.

Origin of Palo Santo Incense

Palo Santo stick (wood) has been used for traditional healing and spiritual ceremonies in Latin American traditions and mestizos for centuries by indigenous people. Palo Santo scent has seen growth in commercial reputation and concerns about its conservation status.

Palo Santo has unique fragrance and popularity among the general self-care community is driven by its warm aroma when it is burned as incense and the subtle promises of clearing the space of spiritual purification, reduce stress and enhance clarity.

Palo Santo Incense meaning

Palo Santo, Bursera graveolent, a tree found in Peru, Ecuador and other South American countries. It grows in tropical rain forests and produces fragrant aromas on stick burn. In Spanish, Palo Santo means, “holy wood.” For thousands of years, wood, bark, and oil have been used medicinally. It is mainly used to treat pain and depression. Using Palo Santo said to remove negative energy and help to remove sleep disorders. by providing positive energy.

There is not much responsibly sourced ideas behind these benefits of Palo Santo. However, Palo Santo has been used by indigenous peoples for centuries Spanish monks.

Palo Santo Forms

Palo Santo comes in three different forms and you can use it in:

  1. Oil form: This essential form of Palo Santo carrier oil has been derived from fruit and wood.
  2. Wood form: The wood of the Palo Santo tree is available as sticks, chips, or powder. It usually comes from tree branches, so it is 100 percent wood.
  3. Resin form: Palo Santo wood contains a very fragrant resin, which can be extracted and used separately.

Main benefits of burning Palo Santo Incense

Using Palo Santo incense has many therapeutic benefits and it is discussed in detail here:

  1. Pain reduction: Different people use Palo Santo for treatment of different types of pain including headache, arthritis and throat pain. It provides positive energy and give deeper connection of how to make things better. according to case study of 2016, limeone provide relief through neuronal pathways and re establish peace and clear negative energy.
  2. Mosquitos repellant: Traditionally, Palo Santo is widely used to repel mosquitoes. It is also said to prevent ants, termites, and flies. There may be some merit in this claim. According to a 2012 study, Trusted Source, Palo Santo essential oil is composed mainly of limonene. d Limonene is a pesticide, so it is used in natural insect repellents that causes cold and flu symptoms.
  3. Stress Response: Most people find the smell of Palo Santo relaxing, so it is often used to relieve stress. It is thought to have a cleansing effect, cleansing the body and mind. This may also be due to limonene. In a 2013 animal study, Reliable Source, inhaled limonene showed anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties.
  4. Negative energy clearance: Palo Santo trees create one of the best incense for cleansing that really helps indigenous individuals to clear negative energy and provide healing properties that helps you to make yourself comfort. and, it gives support to emotional pain and purifying properties and it attracts positive energy
  5. Flexibility of use white smoke in travel: Palo Santo wood is kindly limited to spiritually-minded seekers who spend enough time away from home. Palo Santo sticks are well paired with car rides, hiking and other travel experiences. People are known to clean their hotel rooms before going to bed for a peaceful, deep rest.
  6. Calmness of mind: Palo Santo wood does not boast of the remedy, but the practice of ointment or essential oil combined as part of a great healing program can provide some relief and it attract positive energy.

Uses of Palo Santo

  1. Palo Santo wood: Palo Santo wood is burned as incense. As it burns, it emits a foul-smelling smoke.
  2. Uses of Palo Santo Oil: Palo Santo oil is inhaled during aromatherapy. This technique is often used while doing yoga, meditation, or other activities that relieve stress. The oil can also be applied to your skin. This procedure is often used to treat pain.
  3. Uses of Palo Santo resin: Like the Palo Santo wood, Palo Santo resin is used as incense. It is placed on a burning coal disc at the resin temperature, releasing the resin odor.


Palo Santo is a traditional remedy for pain, inflammation, and depression. You can burn Palo Santo as incense or apply oil to your skin. Always buy from a reputable dealer to make sure your Palo Santo is is located properly. Palo Santo has so many benefits and you cannot ignore them. So, if you are the one going through any of the issue discussed here then you have to buy Palo Santo to make your life right and going once again.