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Top 9 Benefits of Using Vanilla Essential Oil In Your Daily Life

There are so many great benefits of vanilla essential oil but unfortunately most people will only associate the essential oil of vanilla with its flavoring capabilities, whereby it’s used as a flavoring agent on beverages, particular organic foods, pharmaceutical industries, and in a host of culinary endeavors. However, it also has extensive benefits when used for healing and meditation purposes.

Highlighted below are our absolute favorite benefits of this amazing essential oil.

What exactly is Vanilla Essential Oil?

When creating vanilla essential oil, they extract the oil from fermented vanilla beans, whereby the solvent extraction method is used for the extraction process. It is from vanilla plants that they harvest these beans, this plant is a creeper that thrives in the Mexico region and its neighboring environs. Scientifically, the vanilla plant is referred to as Vanilla Planifolia.

The vanilla plant consists of capric acid, acetic acid, furfural, eugenol, vanillin hydroxy benzaldehyde, and isobutyric acid. However, it is essential to note that most of the “vanilla” flavors on various food products are not gotten from the vanilla plants. They are manufactured in the laboratory using hydrocarbons.

1. Powerful Aphrodisiac

It is incredible to note that this oil can relieve the problems of patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, impotence, loss of libido, or frigidity. When the oil is applied systematically, there is guaranteed relief for patients suffering such life-altering conditions.

This oil restores normal sexual arousal and encourages natural sexual desires by stimulating the release of hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. These hormones are responsible for stimulating normal sexual activities in both men and women. This oil brings about a lot of hope for those who may find themselves with such sexual problems.

2. Febrifuge

Amazingly, this oil has immense capabilities of fighting infections in our bodies, significantly reducing fevers occasioned by such infections. This essential oil can fight infections because of its integral components, such as vanillin hydroxy benzaldehyde and eugenol. These components have the qualities necessary to fight infections.

You will also note that this essential oil has sedative capabilities, which gives it the ability to reduce inflammations caused by fevers. This sees to it that the oil is considered to be an antiphlogistic. It is for this reason that vanilla essential oil has earned its respect as an efficient medical product.

3. Incredible Calming & Relaxation Effects

Our busy lifestyles will not spare us from anger, anxiety, or even restlessness. All these traits could negatively work on someone’s quality of life. Hence, the need for a solution that would get rid of such negative emotions.

Fortunately, vanilla essential oils have great calming and relaxing effects on someone’s brain, thereby providing them with ultimate relief from restlessness, anxiety, and even anger. Since most people will, at one point in time, suffer from such emotions, this makes these essential oils quite useful.

4. Great Antioxidant Capabilities

Vanilla essential oils have antioxidant properties that ensure that free radicals are neutralized, thereby protecting the body from infections as well as wear and tear. They will also stimulate the repairs of the damage already occasioned to the body. Free radicals mainly cause most of our diseases and health issues.

Free radicals are responsible for encouraging cancerous cells as they change the DNA structure of healthy living cells. They are also responsible for burning to death living cells, which will result in gradual wear and tear of the body. Your body will gradually suffer from loss of memory, loss of hearing and vision, macular degeneration, nervous and organic malfunctioning, mental instability, and also a weakened immune system.

5. Anti-mutagenic Properties

There are recent studies from reputable institutions such as the NY University Medical School have concluded that vanillin possesses anti-mutagenic abilities. It is these properties were seen to inhibit the mutation aspect of colon cancer cells. This is an incredible achievement for the industry, which is looking for ways of combating cancer.

Though there is a need for further studies to analyze the abilities of this essential oil to aid cancer treatment, this would further shed light on its potential capabilities as an anti-mutagenic. But going by the current studies, the use of these oils is on course when it comes to developing a cure for cancer.

6. Helps to Relieve Depression & Boost Mood

The vanilla essential oil has a useful component that helps it to effectively lift a person’s mood and also act as an antidepressant. This incredible component of the oil is vanillin hydroxy benzaldehyde, which eventually helps to relieve someone of depression. Once you take the oil, you get an incredible feeling of satisfaction as your mood gets much better.

You will reap these benefits the best when you use essential oils from real vanilla, though artificially made vanilla will still work. The vanilla flavor is soothing and pleasingly sweet, such that everyone enjoys a taste of the flavor. It is a welcome idea for anyone with signs of depression to use this oil appropriately, as it will significantly improve their condition.

7. Reduces Inflammation In The Body

These excellent essential oils of vanilla have proved to soothe a person’s body in many ways. It has shown exceptional abilities to soothe all manner of hyperactivity in body systems and all kinds of inflammations. Body systems hyperactivity that will be relieved will include circulatory, respiratory, nervous, digestive as well as excretory systems.

The oils have been shown to reduce body inflammations caused by convulsions, fever, stress, anxiety, and also hypersensitivity due to allergens. They are handy for anyone suffering from such inflammations, and these oils are, without a doubt, a tremendous medical invention of our times.

8. Sedative Effects That Can Help With Insomnia

It is exciting to learn that vanilla essential oil will also ensure that you get a great night’s sleep. One of the ingredients of a sound sleep is a relaxed mind, whereby one will enjoy a deep, fulfilling sleep. The relaxing and soothing abilities of this oil make it an incredible solution for a beautiful night’s sleep.

It has a tranquilizing effect on a person’s brain and will also lower their blood pressure, thereby making sure that one gets a night of quality sleep. You only need to take just a small quantity of vanilla essential oil, and you will be deep into your dreams, enjoying one of the best sleep you ever had. Incredibly, there is a natural solution to sleep issues, and it is also readily available and affordable.

9. Helps Combat Menstrual Symptoms

PMS symptoms are not anything any person would wish on themselves. These symptoms are uncomfortable and will include mood swings, dysmenorrhea, breast tenderness, and fatigue to menstruating women. Though you should note that this oil isn’t an emmenagogue, it will boost the estrogen levels in women.

This increased estrogen levels will encourage regular menstruation cycles and thereby get rid of PMS symptoms. You will also note that the relaxation benefits of the oils will ensure that one does not suffer from hypersensitivity of neurons when going through PMS, mainly because their body and mind are relaxed as symptoms reduce.

Final Thoughts

Vanilla essential oils are lovely medical products that can benefit people in a host of ways. They should be used appropriately for one to be able to reap all those medical benefits. It is easy to purchase them online, and they can be shipped to any location without a hitch.