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Best Essential Oils for Emotional Health

Our emotional health directly influences how the rest of our body functions and feels. Emotional health influences our decision making, our interaction with others, and our response to life events. When you are in emotional distress, it negatively affects how you feel and lowers the overall quality of life. Anxious feelings, changes in the weather, stress, and troubling emotions influence your mood negatively.

Fortunately, regardless of what is distressing you, essential oils are effective in counteracting the negative feelings by producing an uplifting environment or creating a sense of wellbeing and calmness. The scent of an essential oil affects lots of things, one being your emotional state and can support our bodies physiologically and psychologically. Each essential oil has a unique chemical composition, but they can be categorized as either calming or uplifting properties.

Here is an exclusive look at the best essential oils for emotional health.

1. Lavender Oil

Lavender emotional oil is wonderful for a calming and sedating effect. This oil will help you anytime you need to cool down, and its high concentration of linalool helps in improving your communication. It is excellent in giving a relaxing effect and releasing tension while promoting honesty, open communication, peace of mind, and self-awareness.

1. Orange Oil

This is one of the happiest essential oil known. The essential oil is derived from the citrus Sinensis orange plant. These are super uplifting oils when you feel stressed up or in low moods. Wild orange has a fantastic smell that promotes the feelings of a sense of humor, joy, playfulness, creativity, and generosity. This is a beautiful and uplifting oil effective against any fear or anxiety.

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1. Peppermint Oil

Most of us feel impatient when we are tired or feeling low on energy. In emotional health, peppermint is an essential oil of a resilient heart and is excellent when you are feeling impatient. The oil is super uplifting and refreshing and promotes focus, alertness, and finishing up stuff. Having a drop of it in the shower produces magic steam leaving you refreshed and ready for the day.

1. Ylang Ylang Oil

This essential oil is heart tonic and helps to slow down the heart rate during periods of anxiety. The oil comes from the flower petals of the tropical, large Ylang Ylang tree and is useful in promoting optimism, courage, cheerfulness, alleviates sleep disorder, and soothes fear. The essential oil is also useful in getting rid of negative emotions such as low esteem, anger, and jealousy.

1. Frankincense Oil

Frankincense essential oil has a tremendous calming effect. It contains an aromatic resin obtained from trees species, Boswellia Burseraceae, that is used in perfumes and burning incense. This is a grounding essential oil that helps to slow down breathing while promoting a meditative state. It is a great oil for a racing mind for both calming and uplifting moods after a traumatic event on any grief that you have.

1. Bergamot Oil

This essential oil is known to promote moods and build confidence. It provides you with a calming effect that supports the feeling of joy and freshness. Bergamot has natural anti-depressant properties, its uplifting, and helps us to recuperate self-confidence and relax. The oils impose self-validation within and allow us to accept ourselves without worrying about what others say about us.

Best Way to Apply the Essential Oils

There are several ways to effectively apply and experience the power and potency offered by essential oils for emotional health. When you find the oil, you want to use, and you are ready to use it, the best ways of applying the essential oils include;

When using a diffuser, you only need to fill it with water and add about six drops of oils. The diffuser will pump out a fine mist and disperse the oils through the air for you to breathe in. When using the oils topically for emotional health, you should apply it on your chest, pulse points, wrists, and hands. You can also dilute them to use in the bath.


Keeping a few of these amazing essential oils close at hand will help you manage and relax your emotional state. Anyone can use these oils, although they work differently for everyone due to their complex chemical makeup that interacts with our brains differently. To effectively uplift your mood and feel positive about life, it is recommended that you use these essential oils regularly and consistently.