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Gardenia Incense Benefits

Where gardenia incense originated

Gardenia incense is one of the most well known types of gardenia. It originates from Eastern Asia and has long been used as a natural air freshener and for its carefully crafted sweet fragrance.

What does gardenia incense smell like?

Gardenias are famous for their aromatic scent and this is carried over into gardenia-scented products such as gardenias in candle form or gardenias in oil form but gardenias be freshly smelled in gardenia incense.

Gardenia incense is a dried gardenia flower that has been ground into a fine powder and then mixed with other scented ingredients to give it its gardenia fragrance.

What are the main benefits of gardenia incense?

Gardenia incense provides aromatherapy benefiting those who suffer from anxiety, grief, or depression because gardenias have a rich history as natural air fresheners and gardenias themselves have long been used as a way to help people feel better when they’re feeling down.

Gardenias have an extremely sweet scent which gardenia incense contains.

How can gardenia incense benefit you?

Gardenias are known to help balance moods and promote feelings of happiness, gardenia incense provides the same benefits.

The natural gardenia scent promotes feelings of happiness while gardenia itself has been used for thousands of years as a way to rid one’s body of negative energy.

What is gardenia incense used for?

Gardenias have long been burned in order to provide relief from anxiety or depression, gardenia incense serves the same purpose.

Additionally, gardenias have long been believed to be good luck charms so gardenia incense is often used to bring good luck into one’s life.

Gardenia incense is also used as a natural air freshener in order to rid a room of any foul smells.

Gardenia incense may also be able to protect its user against all sorts of negativity coming their way – not only bad dreams but also bad feng shui and negative vibrations.

What incense can be burned with Gardenia incense

There are many different types of incense that can be burned with gardenia incense including frankincense, vanilla, jasmine, clove, ylang-ylang, lavender, cinnamon.

These are just a few of the most commonly used in combination with gardenia incense.

Another common group is rose and gardenia incense. The rose-scented ingredients are very popular with gardenia incense because their scents have been shown to have a balancing effect on our moods.

Different methods of burning gardenia incense

There are many different ways to burn gardenia incense as well as many different smokeless varieties.

Some of the most common ways to burn gardenia incense include:

Gardenia incense coils

Gardenia incense coils are essentially a rolled spiral made from pressed incense. They can be placed in an incense coil burner, either with or without water, and lit on the top with a lighter or match.

As they are lit, the coil will slowly burn itself into ash – creating very little smoke in the process which is great if you’re burning it indoors.

Although they do tend to have less scent than other forms of gardenia incense because they don’t create much smoke, when combined with an oil diffuser, these make for great air fresheners to place around your home.


Cones are another great option for those looking for smokeless gardenia incense. They can be lit with a lighter or match and, once lit, will usually burn for around 20 minutes. Cones come in both scented and unscented varieties and are a great option if you’re looking for something to take with you on the go.


Resin is perhaps one of the oldest forms of incense and is made from tree sap that has been collected, hardened, and then powdered. It’s often mixed with other ingredients to create different scents and is a popular choice for those who like their incense to be smoky. Resin can be in either a censer or an incense burner and is usually lit with a charcoal disc.


Dhoop is made from a combination of herbs, gums, and resins that are then formed into small cones or sticks. It’s often used in temples and other religious ceremonies and can be difficult to find outside of India. Dhoop is usually lit with a charcoal disc.

So, if you’re looking for an incense that will help you relax, promote positive emotions, and bring good luck into your life, gardenia incense is the perfect option. It’s easy to find and can be burned in many different ways, making it a great choice for any incense lover. Give it a try today!